Cyber Security Solutions

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Email & Cloud Security

Our cutting-edge technology detects and alerts you to known and new cyber threats within Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. Using advanced machine learning, behavioral analytics, and dynamic threat models, we ensure your cloud environments are secure and resilient.

Real-Time Threat Analytics

Real-Time Threat Analytics: Our SIEM tools feed logs into the system, enabling our Security Operations Center (SOC) teams to gain comprehensive insight into your environment and provide active alerting.

Anti-Phishing Protection

Our unique machine learning algorithm analyzes over 300 indicators of phishing, ensuring zero-day threats are caught before they reach your inbox.

API-Based Integration

Analyze all historical emails to identify prior trust relations between the sender and receiver, increasing the accuracy of identifying user impersonation or fraudulent messages.

Multi-Layered Malware and Ransomware Defense

Whether you collaborate with Slack or Microsoft Teams, or share files with OneDrive or Box, our services protect your cloud applications from malware and ransomware threats.

Dynamic Detection: Self-teaching AI-powered algorithms dynamically detect malicious behavior and quarantine dangerous files in real-time.

Comprehensive Coverage: Protects all cloud applications from potential threats.

Data Loss Prevention Software

Identify and secure confidential information to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Identify Confidential Files

Use advanced tools to mark files containing sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and bank routing numbers.

Prevent Accidental Sharing

Enforce granular share policies using cloud-native controls to protect individual files or folders.

Customizable Monitoring

Choose which types of activities to monitor and the actions to take, whether blocking or encrypting emails.


Our aiSIEM/SOC service pairs Artificial Intelligence with Automated Threat Elimination, providing a powerful, first-to-market SIEM solution powered by Stellar Cyber.

Security Event Management

Real-time threat monitoring, event correlation, and incident response.

Security Information Management

Collection, analysis, and reporting of log data for comprehensive security management.